[Ruffwear] Front Range


Product and price : Ruffwear Front Range (39,95 £)

• Features :

Comfort. Everyday harness, it is easy to fit and put on3

→ Customisable fit with four points of adjustment

→ Two leash attachment points: aluminum V-ring on the dog’s back, and reinforced webbing on the dog’s chest

→ ID pocket stores dog tags

→ 4 colors : Pacific Blue, Twilight Grey, Orange, Alpenglow Pink


→Washing instructions :

  • Secure fasteners
  • Hand wash
  • Mild detergent
  • Air dry

•Fits : XXS-L/XL

•Likes :


→Comfortable for dog ! Shoulder are free

→Two leash attachment points

→ID pocket

→Colors are great

→Padded chest and belly panel for good load dispersion and comfortable, extended wear

→Low-light visibility with reflective trim


•Dislikes :

→I find any dislikes or maybe we need to wait a long time when the harness is wet so, we bought a second one ;). So we have the grey and the pink ! Now we have the Aira Rain Jacket so, the harness is less wet except when Musli goes in the water.

→Maybe new colors ! 🙂

•Rating : 5/5 ! We really love it ! It’s our everyday harnesses. For Musli, I choose the size S and it fits perfect on her. If you want to have a great, durable and everyday harness, don’t hesitate, this one is perfect !



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