Ruffwear K9 Float Coat

Product and price : Ruffwear K9  Float Coat (74,95 £)

• Features :

Life jacket designed for safety and fun

→ Top handle

→ Neck closure adjusts, yet is permanently attached and secure

→ Light loop for attaching the lamp « The Beacon »

→ 2 colors : Red Currant & Dandelion Yellow :

→Perfect for dogs who love water activities with their humans like kayaking, boating, surfing and paddleboarding

→ This life jacket is designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes !!!

→Washing instructions :

Brown : Ruffwear UK

•Fits : XXS-XL

•Likes :

→Quality and durability

→Comfortable and secured for dog !

→Colors are nice, the same colors that Ruffwear Hydroplane

→The life jacket doesn’t restrain Musli’s movements

→Reflective strips


•Dislikes :

→There isn’t anything I don’t like about this jacket. I think this is a perfect gear for water activities with your dog. The jacket isn’t too heavy and it is very easy to take with us when we know Musli can swim. We use the handle like a attachment point if she have to be on-leash until the water.

•Rating : 4,5/5 ! We really love it ! It’s very usefull and I’ waiting for the next summer to use it !



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