Ruffwear Hover Craft & Hydro Plane

Ruffwear Hydro Plane

Product and price : Ruffwear Hydro Plane (23,95 £)

• Features :

High floating

→ Easy visibility

→ Soft interior foam is easy on dog’s mouth

•Size :

→ One size : 12 » (= 30 cm)

•Colors : Red Currant and Dandelion Yellow

•Likes :

→ The Hydro Plane floats very well ! We like the high visibility and the durability of this product :).

•Dislikes :

→Maybe a little too « big » for Musli but that isn’t a big problem.

•Rating : 3,5/5 ! More size would be perfect !



Ruffwear Hover Craft


Product and price : Ruffwear Hover Craft (23,95 £)

• Features :

→Long-distance flying disc

→It flies far and long

→It floats (less than Hydro Plane according to me)

→Abrasion-resistant materials for increased durability

→Low-light visibility with reflective trim


•Sizes : Two sizes

→S : 6 in (=15 cm)

→M : 9 in (=23 cm). I use this one with Musli.

•Likes :

→Quality and durability

→This toy flies far and long

→Easy to catch


•Dislikes :

→Our hover craft is a little folded when Musli catchs it.

•Rating : 4-5/5 !


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