Ruffwear Lunker & Gourdo

Ruffwear Lunker

Product and price : Ruffwear Lunker (19,95 £)

• Features :

Floating throw toy !

→Easy to throw far thanks to rope handle

→Great for tugging and fetching

→PLUSfoam™ is 100% recyclable through the PLUS Reclaim & Recycle Program

•Size :

→Small : 4 x 20 cm (excluding rope handle)

→Medium : 6 x 31 cm (excluding rope handle). For Musli, I choose this size because there wasn’t the other size in the shop and there isn’t no problem for tugging or fetching.

Brown : Ruffwear UK

•Likes :

→Musli loves this toy ! We play with it on land (agility for example) and water in the summertime and we have a lot of fun with Lunker. For my next lunker, I will chose the smaller size even if this one isn’t too big for Musli but I think a smaller may be great :).

•Dislikes :

→I think any dislike ! It is very durable even if you can see bites on it but this toy always floats.

•Rating : 5/5

Ruffwear Gourdo

Product and price : Ruffwear Gourdo (15,95 £)

• Features :

Natural rubber throw toy

→ You can put treat inside this toy

→ Gum massaging texture

→ Made from natural latex rubber, a renewable and sustainable resource (Brown : Ruffwear UK)

•Size :

→Small : 4,4 x 13,3 cm (For Musli, I choose this size and it’s perfect for her !)

→Medium : 6,3 x 20,3 cm

•Color :

→Orange sunset

•Likes :

→Musli’s favorite toy ! She loooves it so much. We use this toy for agility or simply during our daily walk. Musli loves keeping a toy in her mouth and this one is perfect for her because it is durable and the material is natural and so it isn’t dangerous for her !

•Dislikes :

→Musli loves tugging so we have already broken the handle but you can easily restore it ;).

•Rating : 4,5/5 ! Maybe the handle can be more durable.


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