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Ruffwear K-9 Overcoat


Today, I’m writing this review about the K9 overcoat, definitely one of my favorite product from Ruffwear. And it’s Musli’s birthday too today :D.

« Wind and water-resistant outer fabric keeps the elements out, interior fleece layer keeps body heat in ».

Brown : Ruffwear UK

Product and price : Ruffwear K9  Overcoat (74,95 £)

• Features :

The K9 Overcoat is a warm, insulated jacket that I’m used to putting on Musli when the weather is cold. It is easy to put on thanks to the autolock buckles and very comfortable for dogs. The jacket is waterproof (very useful for the snowy days!). The neck, chest and belly’s dog is covered.

If you have the lamp, « The Beacon », you can put it on the light loop (on the dog’s back).

I don’t know if we can wash it with the washing machine but I have already done it once and there is no problem, the color and the waterproof is always perfect ! :).

The jacket is available from the size XXS to XL and for Musli, I chose the size M and it fit perfect on her.

And a another nice feature is the strip reflective on the side…

For the colors, you have the choice between 3 colors : Cinder Red, Trailhead Brown & Lakespur Purple :

I made the brown and purple colors with Photoshop so it’s possible if it’s not totally the small color (you can see them on this link, Ruffwear UK !).

•Likes :

I love this jacket and the red color, it’s my favorite :). The jacket is warm enough for Musli who used to tremble before I bought it. It’s really a must-have and very easy to put on.

What else ? This jacket looks like very comfortable and doesn’t restrain the dog’s movements (you can see it in the video) and it doesn’t move when Musli is running, jumping or something else like that ;).

The K9 overcoat is very durable even if the dog goes in thorny plants or bushes or even barbed wire fencing (already tested by Musli !).


•Dislikes :

It’s not dislikes but instead some suggestion :

I think it could be nice if dog could wear his harness under the jacket to keep it dry like the Aira Rain Jacket ! So maybe add a leash portal on back.

•Rating : 5/5 ! I love this coat so much for a lot of things (durability, comfortability, color, warm …) and Musli too ! It’s really a must have 🙂

I wish you a lovely day and don’t forget to watch the video for Musli’s birthday (4 years) on YouTube : Musli – Border Collie


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