This is how we live !

“Do what you love and love what you do”


I’m writing this blog for people who think blog is more attractive than page of presentation so in this blog, you can learn more about Musli, me, our lifestyle …

My name’s Vanina and I’m the owner and trainer of Musli. My favorite activities are ‘working with dogs, photography, editing video and spending time with my doggy of course’.

I love dogs since my little childhood and I have always loved border collie. It’s my favorite breed ever : I love their kindness, will-to-please, intelligence, temper …

One of my huge dream is to discover Slovenia with Musli : it looks like very beautiful landscapes, towns, villages …

And later, I know I will still have border collie. At the moment, we have three dogs so it’s impossible to have a new one ;). I’ll be more attentive for the choice of my future border collie than for Musli who isn’t the most easy dog on earth even if I love it so much !!! It’s hard because she is a very very sensitive dog but she has anyway some temper so when she is making a bad behaviour, we have to dose the « punishment ».


As you know, my little black & white border collie is Musli. She was born in January 2013 ! Her parents aren’t working dogs (her father was a show dog and her mother did nothing) but some of her ancesters were working dogs.


Musli’s tall is 51 cm (20 inch) and she weights about 16 kg (35 pounds).

Musli is a very sensitive border collie but she has got a big big heart and a big will-to-please (she always wants to please us). Of course, she is really kind and sweet and has always a big smile on her face, it’s why I call her my « smiling girl ». She is very close to us but she is more independent with other people so it’s impossible that an other person wants to walk with her if we aren’t there even if Musli knows him/her…

She ignores dogs and nearly ever plays with them (except if she knows and loves them !). With other dogs, she accepts their presence but loves keeping her personal space so she is very happy when other dogs ignore her.

Before, she used to run after every deers but now, we are trying to stop this behaviour. The three last times, we have seen deers, she had done nothing but deers weren’t close to us (15-20 meters) but the last time we’ve seen one close to us (1-2 meters), she ran after it during two minutes. It’s not a lot but it’s boring ;). In fact, the first time the deer escaped, she did nothing and stayed « lied down » but the deer came back and at this moment, Musli ran after. I suppose it will be a long work but I hope and I’m early sure she will stop this behaviour one because she has already done a lot of progress (she doesn’t chase every deers any more) !

To succeed, I think we can be more attentif but we don’t see a lot of deers into the woods so it’s a little hard to work on that.

Does your dog run after deers, rabbits or other wild animals ? Do you work on it ?

dsc_0611-2Her favorite activities are definitely walking and playing with toys. And it’s of course better if she can do it at the same time : during our daily walk, she loves keeping a stick in her mounth …


What about working ?

When Musli was younger, she didn’t know a lot of tricks (roll over, high five and say hello, maybe more but not a lot).

Yes  I know, it was nothing and I’m not proud to write it because I think working is a really nice activity to spend great time with dog and to keep them busy, even if the weather is really really bad (like today, it is raining) ;). We work every day together and we always have great time. Now Musli loves learning new tricks and improving old tricks. Why now ? When my little doggy was younger, she didn’t love learning tricks and it was really boring. So we work with a lot of rewards (voice and treats) and with my clicker (this magical little thing !). Yes, you have already understood it, I love the clicker for a lot of reasons : timing, positive object and Musli loves it too …

According to me, tricks are important for having a great bond and this year, we follow the Silvia Trkman’s December Puppy Class and we enjoy it a lot !!! It’s so cool and even if Musli knows a lot of tricks, we still learn more and improve tricks she already knows.

An other activity which is very important for us is walking ! We walk every day and we try to go to a lot of different places. During the week, we walk about one hour every day in our village,img_9129 sometimes in-leash, sometimes off-leash and during the weekend, we walk about 2h30 into the woods or the field.

My favorite walking area is beach ! I love sea, these endless landscapes, the blue of the sea, the joy on Musli’s face ! Unhappy, the sea isn’t near my house so, we don’t go there a lot :(.

We also walk with other friends’ dogs

Walkies are just perfect to assemble my favorite activities : I can spend time with dogs and take a lot of photos and videos. When I go back home with tired dogs, I can select and edit my photos and watch my videos !


Walking with horse and dogs is so amazing. You feel free and it’s just a pur-magical thing. I’m very proud of Musli because before, she was afraid by horse and it was impossible to ride with her. Now, she loves walking next to the horse and she is learning to jump on the back of a pony (more photos and videos coming soon soon !). It’s not our pony, it belongs to my sister’s riding teacher but she agrees he walks with us 🙂 !


Outside, Musli is a full of energy border collie who loves running, walking, playing … but at home, she is a really quiet border collie. Yes, she is sometimes crazy and plays with her toy (she runs with them in house) but she often rests or follows us in the house. When we watch TV, she loooovess having cuddles !

I hope you liked my first blog ! I’ll try to write more so you can learn more about us, our lifestyle … Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you like it :D.


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