Sunday escape


As I’ve promised, this is the blog about our escapade of Sunday. Such a really nice afternoon !

Three hours of walk and fun with our friends, Tiffany and her German Shepherd, Milo. We walked at one of my favorite place : this a wood with a lot of rivers and one water jump. According parts of the wood, trees are different and so beautiful.

Our walk lasted about three years in woods and village. We marched along little rivers during a long time. It’s quite peaceful. Musli and Milo, who love swimming, went into rivers. However, weather wasn’t really warm (10-12°C).


We were lucky ’cause it was shining at the start of the walk. At the end, weather was a little less good : it was colder and we had some rain.

Doggies were very nice and happy to run (above all Musli). We crossed another dog (mix border collie X) which Musli liked and I think he liked her too. But he didn’t love Milo and Zia (maltese) and he grumbled after these two…


At the end of the walk, we saw two people (a man and a woman) who didn’t move at the start of the path. When we were near to us : we asked if it’s because of us that they didn’t move because there was nothing else and our dogs didn’t look after them.

The man replied, sharply : « it’s because of dogs ».

I didn’t understand very well because our dogs don’t look after people and don’t say hello to them and Milo was a little further because he loves people. Moreover, the path was very very big !

During the walk, Musli was wearing her new harness : the new Webmaster from Ruffwear. I love this harness : it fits perfect on Musli (size S), the color is really beautiful and this harness is so useful (I’ll write a review about it, maybe next week).

I used the back handle to help her to jump and jump off higher places like rocks or trees which were cut and, it’s not apparent on the second photos but they were really higher (about 1 meter 80-85) !

And of course, long hours of fun with her ball : Turn up !


And finally my favorite photo ! I love the color of the light !!!

Earth is really so beautiful !


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