Spring air

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart”

Like a spring air … this is exactly what I’m feeling when I see the beautiful colors of the new Ruffwear harnesses ! Guess what is my favorite color ?! :p

I have decided for a long time to buy a Ruffwear Front Range for Zia, our little maltese but I was waiting new colors and when I’ve got the Webmaster for Musli, I straight away like the blue color and I’ve ordered one for Zia.

Zia is a female maltese which is 12 years (right !). People often think she is only 4 or 5 years :). She loves walking with us and even if she has a little problem with a rear feet because of arthrosis, she runs and walks every day with us ! It’s why she isn’t on photos.

Opale, our italien greyhound has a sprain since Wednesday and so, she can’t walk with us yesterday.

We went to a provincial domain which accepts dogs (normally on-leash because there are a lot of playgrounds for kids but Musli never looks at people and dogs and Zia doesn’t look at them if we call her).

Yesterday the weather was really nice, like a spring air and lot of people were there. It was really nice to see a big smile on their faces when we walk with off-leash doggies because both were really friendly and ignore them, even if people look at them.

I’m so happy of Musli because before, she wasn’t at ease when there were a lot of people who speak loud or children who scream … she had never had a agressive behaviour or something like but she prefered go away and it wasn’t really nice for us.

Now there is no problem, I’m so proud of her progress ! We hearded a lot of noise from a playground : there were two paths, one which skirts the playground so avoid the noise and the other which passes through the playground. Musli was really at ease so we decided to take the second path : there were about twenty people who were speaking loud and Musli walked normally.She was completely relaxed and all people look at her with a big and happy smile ! :D.

We walked into the domain about one hour and a half. Musli and Zia were free all the time, even when we walked on the road with cars. I took a lot of photos, as you can see and yesterday evening, I edited some of them (about 90 photos and I have edited 37 !).

I was a little disappointed because for individual portrait, it was totally okay but it’s harder with Musli&Zia together on photos but finally, I think they are okay too ! I took all of them with a 35 mm f/1.8

Musli, always happy to make me smile with her trick, she is sometimes a little boring but she has got a big big heart and want to please us : my perfect little doggy.

Zia, always happy to be with us : according to me, Zia is the easier dog I have ever seen !

I suppose Zia thought it was a funny person, maybe a monster ?. In fact, I find this dog is a little strange ^^. She had seen the statue and ran near it. Funniest dog on earth :).


A little break ! They enjoy the view I suppose…

A playground without children ? It’s not normal but Musli could do some tricks ! It was at the end of the afternoon ;).

As you understood, it was a really nice day, the best day to begin holidays ! :). Yes ! I have one week of holidays but a lot of things planned ;).

So you can see the new equipment of Zia (new front range and knot-a-leash) and the new leash of Musli (roamer leash) which is so useful when you don’t want to hold the leash :).


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