Ruffwear : New Web Master (review)


Some weeks ago, we got this wonderful product from Ruffwear UK. So this is my review about the most useful harness that I’ve ever seen !

« The Ruffwear Web Master Harness is a supportive, multi-use harness built for maneuvering and assisting dogs up and over obstacles, designating working dogs, and preventing even the best Houdini dogs from making an escape. » (Ruffwear).

If you need to wash it : you have to wash in hand and use mild detergent.

For Musli, I choose the size S (like for her front range) and the new blue color : the new blue is so amazing !

This harness has five points of adjustment for a custom fit.

You can choose between three colours : Red Currant, Twilight Grey and Blue Dusk. They are all beautiful but my favorite is definitely the Blue, above all for spring and summer :).

I like so much the colour that I bought a Front Range for Zia !


This harness looks like really secure, especially for dogs which are used to escaping.

I often attach Musli to the single-piece but we have also tested the webbing loop and it is nice too ! I suppose it can be better for running with dogs or when dog is allow to pull so he can do the difference between these two points of attachment.

Musli does tracking (she is learning to find people who are hidden) and this harness is perfect for this activity too.

Musli wears her Web Master during our everydays walks (during the day but also in the evening), so the reflective trims and the light loop for the Beacon Lamp are just perfect. Before having this harness, she used to wear her Aira Rain Jacket to attach the lamp (even if weather was dry and people sometimes didn’t understand why she wore a coat).

What else ? I suppose the Web Master can be very nice too for dogs which haven’t the K9 Float Coat, especially if their owners want to help them to go into the water or to go back (if they stand in a boat). I can’t wait to test it during the swimming season ! :).


This harness doesn’t restrict dog’s movements and I think it’s really important because before her first Front Range, Musli had a harness (it wasn’t a Ruffwear) and she hated it ! It restrained some of her movements and was really « rigid » …

As you can see on the pictures, there isn’t any problem for tricks : the harness offers a big freedom of movements !

Very comfortable ! First time she keeps this position with a harness ! Usually, she rolls 😀 


The handle padded is definitely a must-have ! I find it is just perfect to help dog to jump up on anything. For exemple : I love taking photos and it’s easier for her to reach good places. I helped her to jump up on rocky ledge or on snipped trees ! And of course, to help dog to overcome big obstacles that you can meet during your walks.

Handle padded and light loop for « The Beacon »

Finally, the Web Master is very durable : some days ago, Musli went under branches and bushes of brambles and the harness is always impeccanble : no hole, no snag : all is perfect !


I would like to say a big thank to Ruffwear for the well-quality gear ! According to me, you are the best brand ever ! :).

We made a big walk with Musli and at the end, it was pouring down with hail. The path was very small and slippery (slippery rocky). I held Musli thanks to the handle to avoid she slips and fell in the water. The handle was just perfect for us, I could keep Musli near to me and she helped me to find the better way to not slip.

Thank you Ruffwear for the best harness ever ! 🙂

Don’t hesitate to order one on Ruffwear UK and you will be ready for your spring and summer Ruffwear adventures ! If I need to give a score : I give 5/5 without hesitation !


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