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“Don’t dream your life but live it”

Short blog but I would like to share with you some of my best memories of this first week of Easter holidays ! As always, a lot of fun, a lot of laughts, a lot of walks, a lot of dogs (It’s unsual, isn’t it :D), … !

I spent a very nice afternoon with Céline and her two doggies, Angie & Mistral. We took a lot of photos, did some agility and tricks ! Such a very very nice moment with them !!! It’s sure, we need to see each other more often ! 🙂

Some photos of my favorite lake, it is so magical !! We have a very nice time there : Musli could swim a little, not too far ’cause the water isn’t quite hot but definitely one of her favorite activity. Well, I tested my Tokina lense but I think I need to get used to it …

And yes, water is really blue and clear !

My favorite brown-eyes on earth

My little perfect-sweetie-cutie doggie was too happy to walk near the lake. She loves swimming so much and she is a very great swimmer. As always, she was perfect with other people, dogs, cyclists, kids … She never annoys them and a lot of people compliment us and said she is a well-behaved dog. It makes me very happy !!




And Saturday, we made a very great walk along a river. Such a very very very nice time. Musli swam as always and now she can dive !!! Very very proud of her but I hadn’t my camera with me (and I wanted to film that for my spring/summer video, well : a little disappointed ^^ ).

And so, I post a little video taken with my old IPhone so sorry for the quality …


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