Ruffwear : Jet Stream


Hello everybody,

Today I’m writing a short review about one of the new summer Ruffwear product : The Jet Stream. This is a cooling vest which is perfect for active dogs.

1) Generalities


The Jet Stream is a cooling vest which is very nice for sportive dogs because it stay tigh around the body, it doesn’t restrain Musli’s movements, even if she is running and the zippered closure is great too : it doesn’t damage the coat !

The cooling vest comes in two colors : « Salamander orange » or « Blue lagoon ».

Source : Ruffwear UK

For Musli, I have chosen the blue color and the size S which fits her very well ! This size isn’t too small, I still can pass a hand between the vest and Musli’s body. For people who are interesting by Musli’s measures : she is 51 cm (=20 inch) tall and weights about 17 kg.

The Jet Stream is easy to clean and there is an easy on/off design.


2) What about the cooling effects and the construction materials ?


I’m really happy with the result with this vest because when days are very hot and sunny, Musli was used to gasp in the auto, during the journey. Since she has had the vest, I have noticed that she doesn’t gasp any more or less than before so I could say that it helps her !

I have also noticed that the vest stays cool for more than an hour and a half but it’s very easy to cool it again afterwards : you just need to have a water bottle and that’s it. 🙂

For people who have dogs which love running, walking everywhere, there won’t be no problem ! The construction materials are nice too : Musli is used to walking everywhere (sometimes she goes in brambles, if she is searching her ball …) and the vest stays intact – that’s very great ! But I have a friend who has bought the same vest for her border collie and her dog’s vest has a hole because of a thorn.

3) Activities


We often use the Jet Stream during our sportive activities but also in the car seeing that it helps her a lot.

Walking is definitely our favorite activity during summer and so Musli wears her vest during hot walks.


4) Do you recommend this product ?


Yes ! We really like this product ! It keeps Musli cool during all of our summer activities. The most important thing according to me is that the vest doesn’t restrain movements ! It isn’t natural for dogs to wear a vest but when the vest fits them so well and allowes to keep a big liberty of movements, it’s just perfect, even when you see that it helps your dog  ! The zip is very nice and it doesn’t damage Musli’s coat, she has neither scorches nor irritation marks.

I don’t know exactly how much time the jet stream stays cool but it’s very easy to « activate it again ». Sometimes, the vest is no longer cool outside but inside, it stays cool so don’h hesitate to check it before activatating it again.


Short review from one of my friend who has bought one for her border collie : “The vest works very well against heat but the top of the vest is very fragile because it remained hanging on a plant and that created a hole”. Laura A.


So a big big thanks to Ruffwear for this amazing and well-design product ! Both Musli and I like it so much and I should say that’s a must-have for summer :).




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