About me



I am Vanina and I’m Musli’s owner and trainer. When I was younger, my dream was to have my own dog, a black and white border collie. I waited a very long time for it – something about 8 years !

My dream came true in 2013, when Musli was born. I was over the moon !

I think that what I love the most is our outdoor activities, I love discovering new places, new people and dogs, walking, swimming – in the lake, not in the swimming pool !!! – so that’s what I love the most !

I also really like doing photography (check the page for more), editing videos and working with dogs, especially with Musli.

Since 16 January 2018, we are proud Ruffwear ambassadors!



Trainings :


I also love learning new things, especially linked with dogs so I followed some trainings. I would like to follow more ones in the future even though it is not my purpose to work with dogs later, I really enjoy it but not for a future job, it’s « just » a hobby for me and I would not want it to change.


→ Silvia Trkman’s Agility Foundations, August 2017.

I hadn’t unfortunately any time to put a video but we learned a lot of new things. Thanks to Silvia’s advices, Musli gained speed and self-confidence and we have now new advices to continue our agility journey. Let the fun begin !

→ Silvia Trkman’s Puppy Class,  December 2016.