Our activities


Musli is an active dog ! You can learn more about our activities 🙂

~ Agility ~

We have started agility when Musli was young but because of her shoulder injury, we stopped it for a few months.

Since 2015, we have restarted agility and Musli enjoy this wonderful activities. We have more or less one class per week and we progress a lot :). It’s a really nice activity and our favorite after tricks and walks !

For a few months, Musli becomes faster and faster, it’s a really joy to run with her ! She corrects my mistakes and thanks to her, I become a better teacher !

~ Tricks and dog dancing ~

Almost every day, we work together to learn new tricks. Musli started to learn tricks late enough, she was about 2 years. When she was younger, she knew some tricks like dead or giving paw but it wasn’t amazing ;). At present, she knows about more than 100 tricks and she love learning new tricks or making older tricks.

This year (December 2016), we will follow Puppy Class (Silvia Trkman) ! I’m very excited and I’m waiting for this class ! 🙂

Back vault 🙂 Thanks my sister for this amazing photo of my little pup !

~ Obedience ~

When Musli was younger, we went to an obedience club but now, we do that at home ! 🙂 She prefers working at home because there aren’t a lot dogs and angry people 😉

 Musli loves

the « back up » and heeling (on the video for the first) !

~ Herding sheepdog ~

Until now we have just followed three sessions because herding classes are far from our house but I hope that one day, we will can do that regulary. The first two sessions, Musli was really motivate but the latest, the teacher was too hard with her and she was a little afraid…


~ Frisbee ~

Just for fun ! 🙂 Musli loves chasing frisbee, sticks and balls



~ Canicross / caniVTT (with bike) ~

Sometimes we run our ride a bike with Musli.



~ Tracking ~

Since July 2016, Musli is learning to track (or find people) people on wood, countryside or on the street (2 sessions per month) ! According to the teacher, she is very talented ! 🙂 We are very proud of her ! Her longest track lasted 20 minutes.

~ Swimming ~

When weather is sunny and warm (or when it’s rainy too 😉 ), Musli can go swimming. She loves swimming after her toys ! Next year, I will try SUP (Stand-UP Paddle)  with her, I’m sure that it will be an amazing experience.

Lunker is more attractive than geese 😉



~ Walks ~

Finally, we make walks every day, about one hour and a half per day, more during the weekend ! :). Musli is off-leash minimum one hour per day ! After school and work, she walks with my mother and after my homeworks, we walk for 1/2 or one hour (often in leash).

Sometimes, we make walks with a horse in the wood ! It’s so nice :).