51 cm ~ 17,900 kg (of muscles according to the vet)
Tricks ~ Walks ~ Agility



Musli is huge my dream ! I love her so much and spending time with her is my favorite activity ! She is very sweet, loves cuddles, walking …

She ignores dogs and nearly ever plays with them (except if she knows and loves them and they were often border collies !). With other dogs, she accepts their presence but loves keeping her personal space.


She is a black and white border collie and was born in 2013 (30/01) in a breeding not far from my house so, we saw her every week ! 🙂 It was so nice to see her growing up !





Musli is a sensitive, happy and very kind dog ! She loves walking, running, chasing sticks, balls and frisbee !

For work, she is a very easy dog to handle : Musli is certainly a good listener, not really fast but not slow at all. She is crazy about the slalom. The hardest part is definitely to keep her motivate because of her sensitivity.


She loves learning tricks too ! We work almost every day (short session) with our clicker and treats. She knows useful tricks like closing cupboard and door but also useless tricks like handstand 😉

You can see a part of her tricks on our YouTube channel.



Since summer 2016, Musli loves water !!! Before that she liked water but not as much ! When she see water now, she goes swimming :). For her security, we bought a Ruffwear K9 Float Coat at the end of the summer ! We will can used it next year ! 🙂