Name : Musli
Date of birth : 30/01/2013
Color : black and white
Size : 51 cm
Weight : 16-17 kg

I had waited to have a border collie for a long time. Since my childhood, I was a big border collie lover and my dream was to have my own little border collie. I was 13 years and I was waiting for 8 years. In January 2013, my dream came true : I got a e-mail from her owner telling me that two little border collies were born.

It was planned I could have a border collie this year but during summer and not really before but when I saw Musli, I knew it would be her, this little innocent pup.


Our beginning wasn’t as easy as I expected and Musli wasn’t as easy as I wanted. I had waited for a long long time and I was a bit disappointed : she wasn’t at all the dog I had dreamed of.

I think I can say I had to wait three years before being proud of her. We worked a lot and she was becoming better and better : she is not perfect of course, but she is now closer to the dog I had dreamed of. I am really really proud of her, she is a really great dog.


Musli is a really will-to-please dog : she loves making us happy. She has a big big heart even though she is a really sensitive girl. She has a big toy drive, she really enjoys playing with her toys. But Musli is a really quiet dog as well : she knows when she can be full of energy and she knows when she has to be quiet. She is never over-excited at all, I think I can say she is never excited in fact.

DSC_2740 - Copie-2-2

With other dogs, she isn’t too difficult : she is used to ignoring them and she is the happiest girl on earth when she sees other dogs don’t annoy her. She isn’t that confident with other dogs so that’s why she loves ignoring them. During our walks some people often ask us « how did you work to have such a cool dog ? ». That’s a difficult answer because Musli doesn’t want to go near other dogs so it’s not difficult to keep her with us.


Musli is a dog who loves outdoor activities ! She has a great stamina. Her favorite activity is definitely walking in the woods : she loves to be off-leash and she is much better off-leash than on-leash. In our village, she has learned not to walk on road so she stays on path and has to wait us at the end of sidewalk.

Beside tricks, Musli enjoys doing agility, tracking and swimming. It’s really easy to work with her. I have started tricks rather late with her : she was about 1,5 years. Our beginning was a bit difficult because she wasn’t that motivated but she became a very great dog at work.