Opale & Zia



Zia is our first dog ! She was born in 2005 :). Zia is definitely the sweetest dog I have ever seen. I love her motivation when we work (yes I know, she prefers tge treat than me but however, I love her so much !).

 Zia loves all other dogs and people (if they don’t touch her paws) ! She loves eating, walking, making tricks (she loves the treat of course!).

She has never played with toys… Sometimes, we make agility in our garden and she enjoys it !

She has already had one litter in 2008 ! There were 4 puppies (3 males and 1 female) :). It was an amazing experience and I hope later I’ll can know it with a border collie (not Musli of course!).


Italian greyhound


Opale is a Italian greyhound born in 2009. Opale is the strangest dog I have ever known. Her favorite trick is handstand (she already do that !). When we want to make a shaping session, she always does the handstand.

Opale loves playing with balls (small one), eating, walking and doing handstand (for a poor little treat).

She loves every body and always makes cuddles !!!

Sometimes she walks next to the horse when my sister rides a horse and she enjoys this moment very much but she is dangerous too becaushe Opale doesn’t know a horse can be dangerous… she stands behind the horse …

When Musli was younger, they played together but now, she thinks that Musli is too big for her and she doesn’t want to play with Musli even if she asks it ! -_-. Bad dog ;).