“Photography is a form of time travel”



I got my first camera – Nikon D3100 – in 2014 to take some photos of Musli. I was very happy to begin with this camera but after some years, I wanted to have a new one for improving my photos. In April 2017 I got the Nikon D7200, all of my pictures are taking with this one.


I only do canine photography, I love showing dog’s personnality through my photo and I can say that’s my main purpose ! Musli is definitely my endless source of inspiration but from time to time, I really appreciate photographing other dogs to improve myself.     That’s too easy and sometimes a bit boring to take photos of Musli. Even though, I have toDSC_5699-5 admit it can be difficult too, especially because of her eyes which are brown and with her coat, it’s not always easy.

For me, photography is a way to capture good moments and to keep them forever. That’s above all why I love photography so much.

And that’s also why I love sharing them in social media because that’s like I am sharing a bit of our story with other people.



That’s also important for me that dog looks happy ! That’s pity – I think – when dogs look like sad.

→ Look how Finn is happy on this photo !





At the moment, I don’t propose any photo shooting except for my friends. Overall because it takes much time and I haven’t much time so I prefer spending it with Musli.

But maybe I will propose it in the future. But when I walk with other people, I always do some photos if they want and send them to these people.




I have some projects for this year but at the moment, I keep them in mind. I hope I could share them with you pretty soon, I will see.