As you certainly know, Ruffwear is our favorite brand so I decided to write some review about our gear !

We love this brand because of quality, durability, large choice of products and there are very comfortable for dogs.

This is the gear we have at the moment ! If you want some review about a gear that we have, you can send me a mail or post a comment at the bottom of this page !

All opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions of Ruffwear !


• Dog beds :

→Highlands Bed (review : soon)

• Dog bowls :

→Bivy Bowl (review)

• Dog coats :

→Aira Rain Jacket (review soon)

→K9 Overcoat (review soon)

→ Quinzee (review this winter)

→Jet Stream (cooling vest) (review)


• Dog collars :

→Timberline collar (review ?)

• Dog harnesses :

→Front Range (review)

• Dog leashes :

→Knot-a-leash (review soon)

→Timberline leash (review ?)

→Roamer leash (review soon)

• Dog life jackets :

→K9 float coat (review)

• Dog packs :

→Approach pack (review soon)

• Dog safety :

→The Beacon (review soon)

• Dog toys :

→Lunker (review)

→Goudro (review)

→Huckama (review)

→Turnup (review)

→Hover Craft (review)

→Hydro Plane (review)

• Human gear :

→Haul Bag (review soon)

→Mountain Trucker Hat (review ?)