Since 2018, we are Ruffwear ambassadors, very happy and proud to be!

You certainly know I have written reviews about their products for some years now and I will continue. Even though we are ambassadors, my point of view about Ruffwear has not changed at all and I promise I will still be objective!

Why do I love Ruffwear?

First of all, I really like the quality of their products, the durability and also their large choice of products. They are comfortable for dogs, built for adventures. I have to admit the price is perhaps a bit too expensive (don’t forget I have bought a lot of gear some since 2 years) but the quality is excellent.

I share the same ethic as them: it is very very very important to spend a lot of time outside with our dogs. They do not live with us to be at home 24/24 hours, 7/7 days. Dogs have to discover new areas, share a lot of outdoor activities with their owners.

Finally, if you search a very nice gear for your dog, do not hesitate, Ruffwear is made for you. I have tested a lot of gear, I have also bought a lot of harnesses, collars before discovering this brand and I can assure they are the best!


All opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions of Ruffwear !